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Cumberhead West Wind Farm

3R Energy, on behalf of Cumberhead West Wind Farm Ltd, has submitted an application to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU) under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 which seeks consent to construct and operate a wind farm on the western part of Cumberhead Forest which lies approximately 4.3 km to the west of Coalburn in rural South Lanarkshire. The proposed wind farm has a generating capacity of around 126 MW, comprising 21 wind turbines with a ground to blade tip height of up to 200 metres and associated infrastructure. The proposal also includes provision for around 40 MW of energy storage output capacity.

Copies of the full Section 36 application documents are available to download below. If you have any questions on the proposal or would like any further information, please contact the project team on: info@3renergy.co.uk

Cumberhead West EIAR - Non Technical Summary

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Cumberhead West Wind Farm_Non Technical Summary.pdf 1,684.88 KB PDF

Cumberhead West - PAC Report

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CW_Pre Application Consultation Report.pdf 7,866.37 KB PDF

Cumberhead West - Planning Statement

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CW_Planning Statement.pdf 1,105.94 KB PDF

Cumberhead West EIAR - Volume 1 - Written Statement

Cumberhead West EIAR - Volume 2 - Figures

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CW_Vol2_CH01_Figure 1.3_Other Wind Farms within 10km.pdf 6,857.28 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH01_Figure 1.1_Site Location.pdf 6,129.89 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH01_Figure 1.2_Hagshaw Cluster Context.pdf 4,332.46 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH02_Figure 2.5_Layout E.pdf 5,109.58 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH02_Figure 2.3_Layout C.pdf 5,012.89 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH02_Figure 2.1_Layout A Initial Layout.pdf 4,984.59 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH02_Figure 2.2 Layout B.pdf 5,012.65 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH02_Figure 2.4_Layout D.pdf 5,008.94 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.14_Wider Path Network.pdf 4,956.88 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.10_Existing and New Tracks.pdf 7,048.97 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.3_Environmental Constraints.pdf 5,875.49 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.4_Developments within 5km.pdf 5,379.29 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.12_Met Mast.pdf 1,569.68 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.11_Substation Energy Storage.pdf 722.96 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.13_Construction Compound.pdf 630.79 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.1_Site Layout.pdf 5,027.54 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.8_Route to Site.pdf 2,590.70 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.9_Access Tracks.pdf 1,562.55 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.2_Aerial Site Layout.pdf 2,704.82 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.7_Crane Hardstanding.pdf 470.16 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.5_Turbine Elevation.pdf 1,074.32 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH03_Figure 3.6_Turbine Foundation.pdf 405.84 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.36_Cumulative ZTV with Glentaggart and Kennoxhead Extension_.pdf 7,228.76 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.34_Cumulative ZTV with Penbreck and Kennoxhead_.pdf 7,239.99 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.33_Cumulative ZTV with Kype Muir Extension and Bankend Rig II_.pdf 7,330.04 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.35_Cumulative ZTV with Douglas West Extension and Hare Craig_.pdf 7,280.06 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.32_Cumulative ZTV with Broken Cross_ Broken Cross small turbines M74 Eco-Park.pdf 7,059.23 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.28_Cumulative ZTV with Auchrobert_ Kype Muir_ Dungavel and Bankend Rig_.pdf 7,313.78 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.31_Cumulative ZTV with Cumberhead_ Dalquhandy_ Douglas WestRepoweredHagshawHill _.pdf 7,319.53 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.29_CZTV_Birk_Auch_JJNeth_Leth_LWhite_Yond_Lochhead_Estrtn_.pdf 7,063.28 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.30_Cumulative ZTV with Middlemuir and Andershaw _.pdf 6,977.42 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.19_Hub height ZTV up to 35km_.pdf 5,738.38 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.27_CZTV_Nut_ Gala_HHill_HHill_Ext_HazelFm_.pdf 7,267.80 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.25_Other wind farms 35km_.pdf 5,737.07 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.24_Hub height ZTV up to 35km – North-West Quadrant_.pdf 2,987.77 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.26_Other wind farms 15km_.pdf 847.62 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.22_Hub height ZTV up to 35km – South-East Quadrant_.pdf 2,055.98 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.20_Hub height ZTV up to 20km_.pdf 3,399.12 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.23_Hub height ZTV up to 35km – South-West Quadrant_.pdf 2,099.97 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.21_Hub height ZTV up to 35km – North-East Quadrant_.pdf 3,296.13 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.15_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km – North-East Quadrant_.pdf 3,284.62 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.18_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km – North-West Quadrant_.pdf 3,436.75 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.17_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km – South-West Quadrant_.pdf 2,628.43 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.16_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km – South-East Quadrant_.pdf 2,245.83 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.14_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km with Viewpoints_.pdf 6,318.44 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.13_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km with Principal Visual Receptors_.pdf 3,818.28 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.12_Principal Visual Receptors to 35km_.pdf 5,575.10 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.4_Landscape Designations within 35km_ .pdf 6,320.15 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.10_Topography within 35km Study Area_ .pdf 3,544.18 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.11_Local Landscape Context within 5km _.pdf 3,106.76 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.2_Blade tip ZTV up to 35km_ .pdf 6,312.94 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.9_Blade tip ZTV up to 15km with Landscape Character Types_.pdf 1,688.53 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.3_Blade tip ZTV up to 20km_ .pdf 3,701.42 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.7_Landscape Character Types within 35km Study Area_.pdf 5,285.88 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.8_Landscape Character Types within 15km Study Area_.pdf 1,497.28 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.6_Blade tip ZTV up to 20km with Landscape Designations_.pdf 3,904.83 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.5_Landscape Designations within 20km_ .pdf 1,582.77 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH06_Figure 6.1_Site Location and 35km Study Area_ .pdf 3,075.39 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.12_FHS_Results.pdf 6,088.27 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.11_OMRA_Nyct.pdf 6,167.83 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.13_HabitatManagmentPlan.pdf 3,368.78 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.10_OMRA_sPip.pdf 6,168.30 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.9_OMRA_cPip.pdf 6,168.36 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.7_Bats_StA.pdf 6,481.54 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.6_DeskStudyResults.pdf 6,756.23 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.8_Bats_PRA.pdf 3,177.51 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.5A_PS.pdf 6,450.89 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.1_DS_5k.pdf 5,717.92 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.3_P1_Habitats_reduced.pdf 2,936.10 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.4_pGWDTE_reduced.pdf 2,690.08 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH07_Figure 7.2_Carbon_Peatland.pdf 3,616.78 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.3_SB_SA.pdf 8,234.74 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.7_Wader_Activity.pdf 4,853.22 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.5_FA_Raptors.pdf 4,779.19 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.8_Historic_BK.pdf 5,279.94 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.4_VP_VS.pdf 5,813.03 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.6_FA_GP_HG_PF.pdf 4,630.44 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.2_WF_2k.pdf 1,790.47 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH08_Figure 8.1_DS_20k.pdf 3,657.90 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH09_Figure 9.1_Noise Sensitive Receptors.pdf 5,741.80 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.2_Outer Study Area.pdf 4,618.13 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.3_Cumulative.pdf 4,629.82 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.5_VP Visualisation Black Hill, Fort and Cairn.pdf 2,934.90 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.1_Inner Study Area.pdf 5,364.43 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.6_VP Visualisation New Lanark WHS.pdf 3,084.34 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.7_VP Visualisation Corra Linn.pdf 451.33 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH10_Figure 10.4_VP Visualisation Dungavel Hill, Cairn.pdf 1,864.92 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.6 Potential GWDTE.pdf 4,661.71 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.4 Superficial Deposits.pdf 4,370.71 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.5a_PeatDepth_Overview.pdf 4,665.68 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.3 Bedrock.pdf 4,128.45 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.5d_PeatDepth_E.pdf 2,000.06 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.5c_PeatDepth_CandN.pdf 1,859.82 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.5b_PeatDepth_SW.pdf 2,104.37 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.2 Watercourses.pdf 2,106.30 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH11_Figure 11.1 Hydro Study Area.pdf 1,956.55 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH12_Figure 12.1_Traffic Count Locations.pdf 3,109.21 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH15_Figure15.1_ShadowFlickerStudyArea.pdf 6,152.57 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH15_Figure15.3_ShadowFlickerCumulativeStudyArea.pdf 4,748.88 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH15_Figure15.2_ShadowFlickerMap.pdf 6,126.27 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH15_Figure15.4_ShadowFlickerCumulativeMap.pdf 4,302.94 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.4 Wind Farm Replanting Plan .pdf 6,052.80 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.6 Compensatory Planting Plan .pdf 6,341.25 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.2 Baseline Replanting Plan.pdf 5,985.62 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.5 Development Area Felling Plan .pdf 6,304.90 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.3 Wind Farm Felling Plan .pdf 6,123.96 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_CH16_Figure 16.1 Baseline Felling Plan.pdf 6,020.10 KB PDF
CW_Volume 2 Figure_Front Cover.pdf 350.41 KB PDF
CW_Vol2_ContentPage.pdf 200.85 KB PDF

Cumberhead West EIAR - Volume 3 - Technical Appendices

Thumbnail Title File Size File Type Download
CW_Vol3_CH12_Appendix 12.1 Swept Path Analysis.pdf 1,720.34 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH11_Appendix 11.3 WX Schedule.pdf 5,691.65 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH11_Appendix 11.1 PSRA.pdf 4,809.43 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH06_Appendix 6.5 LVIA RVAS.pdf 9,335.21 KB PDF
CW_Volume 3 Technical Appendices_Front Cover.pdf 316.79 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH15_Appendix 15.2 Potential Shadow Periods.pdf 554.76 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_ContentPage.pdf 208.33 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH06_Appendix 6.4 LVIA Lighting Assessment.pdf 8,376.39 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH15_Appendix 15.1 Met Data.pdf 172.08 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.7 Turbine Noise Data.pdf 143.67 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH11_Appendix 11.2 OPMP.pdf 340.98 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH10_Appendix 10.4 Outside Outer Study Area.pdf 132.50 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH10_Appendix 10.2 Outer Study Area within 5km.pdf 129.83 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH10_Appendix 10.3 Outer Study Area 5 to 10km.pdf 172.26 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH10_Appendix 10.1 Inner Study Area Gazetteer.pdf 152.75 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.6 Cumulative Assessment.pdf 230.13 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.5 Predicted Noise Levels.pdf 393.10 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.4 Wind Direction.pdf 186.67 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.2 Background Noise History.pdf 207.12 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH08_Appendix 8.2 Ornithology Scoping Report.pdf 1,140.34 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.3 Scatter Plots.pdf 303.00 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH08_Appendix 8.3 HRA.pdf 363.66 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH08_Appendix 8.1 Ornithology.pdf 1,639.13 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH09_Appendix 9.1 Monitoring Photographs.pdf 436.86 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.6 Cumberhead West Ecology Scoping.pdf 624.88 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.3 Bat Report.pdf 1,048.42 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.4 FHS Report.pdf 1,347.48 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH03_Appendix 3.3 Additional New Access Track.pdf 8,618.10 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.5 OHMP.pdf 914.07 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH04_Appendix_4.1 Cumberhead West Scoping.pdf 7,861.18 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.1 NVC Report.pdf 1,515.17 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH07_Appendix 7.2 PS Report.pdf 403.27 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH04_Appendix 4.4 ECU Gatecheck Report.pdf 4,466.52 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH06_Appendix 6.3 LVIA Viewpoint Assessment.pdf 423.32 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH04_Appendix 4.2 ECU Scoping opinion.pdf 2,765.94 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH06_Appendix 6.1 LVIA Assessment Criteria.pdf 203.35 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH06_Appendix 6.2 LVIA Visualisations Info.pdf 280.42 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH03_Appendix 3.2 Carbon Calc Input Output.pdf 1,583.63 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH04_Appendix 4.3 Further EIA Consultation.pdf 1,258.14 KB PDF
CW_Vol3_CH03_Appendix 3.1 Outline CEMP.pdf 1,036.58 KB PDF

Cumberhead West EIAR - Volume 4 - LVIA Visualisations

Thumbnail Title File Size File Type Download
CW_Volume 4 LVIA Visualisations Contents.pdf 3,497.50 KB PDF
CW_Volume 4 LVIA Visualisations_Front Cover.pdf 2,854.37 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.53 Vp17 Hyndford Bridge.pdf 2,019.58 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.54 Vp18 Loudoun Hill_sheet A to D.pdf 1,251.33 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.52 Vp16 Cairn Kinney_sheet A to D.pdf 1,339.20 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.49 Vp13 Victory Park, Muirkirk_sheet A to D.pdf 1,958.70 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.51 Vp15 Cairn Table_sheet A to D.pdf 1,273.30 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.45 Vp9 A70, Rigside_sheet A to D.pdf 2,693.10 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.50 Vp14 Nether Wellwood (A70)_sheet A to D.pdf 1,500.56 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.46 Vp10 Tinto Hill_sheet A to D.pdf 1,635.09 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.47 Vp11 Douglas, Hill Street_sheet A to D.pdf 2,089.88 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.48 Vp12 Auchensaugh Hill_sheet A to D.pdf 1,345.12 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.44 Vp8 Black Hill_sheet A to D.pdf 1,642.46 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.38 Vp2 M74 Overbridge_sheet A to D.pdf 3,131.28 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.43 Vp7 A71, bridge crossing Calder Water_sheet A to D.pdf 2,141.26 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.40 Vp4 Minor Road Brackenridge_sheet A to D.pdf 1,923.61 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.42 Vp6 Strathaven War Memorial_sheet A to D.pdf 1,717.11 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.39 Vp3 Lesmahagow Hillcrest_sheet A to D.pdf 1,975.58 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.37 Vp1 Coalburn, Muirburn Place_sheet A to D.pdf 3,130.51 KB PDF
CW_Vol4_CH06_Fig 6.41 Vp5 Sandford, School Road_sheet A to D.pdf 2,011.45 KB PDF

Cumberhead West - Newspaper Notice

Thumbnail Title File Size File Type Download
Cumberhead West Wind Farm_Application - S36 advert.pdf 76.92 KB PDF

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