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Douglas West Wind Farm Extension

3R Energy, on behalf of Douglas West Extension Ltd, has submitted an application to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU) which seeks permission to extend the consented Douglas West Wind Farm onto the eastern part of the Cumberhead Forest complex that lies to the north west of Douglas and south of Coalburn in rural South Lanarkshire. The site constitutes a gap between Douglas West Wind Farm, Hagshaw Hill Wind Farm, and a number of other consented wind farms on the north side of the Douglas Valley. The application seeks consent to construct and operate a wind farm with a generating capacity of up to 78MW, comprising 13 wind turbines and associated infrastructure with a ground to blade tip height of up to 200 metres. The Proposed Development also includes provision for around 20 MW of energy storage capacity.

Copies of the full Section 36 application documents are available to download below. If you have any questions on the proposal or would like any further information, please contact the project team on: info@3renergy.co.uk

Douglas West Extension - EIAR non-technical summary

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DWX_NTS_190410.pdf 5,535.80 KB PDF

Douglas West Extension - EIAR Volume 1 | Main Text

Douglas West Extension - EIAR Volume 2 | Figures

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DWX_Figure6.17_Hub Height ZTV 35km_NE_190401.pdf 8,120.69 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.18_Hub Height ZTV 15km_190401.pdf 7,698.34 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.23_LV Proposed Viewpoints ZTV_190410.pdf 1,826.65 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.22_Principal Visual Receptors_190401.pdf 3,475.11 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.11_Blade Tip ZTV 35km_NE_190401.pdf 6,722.21 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.20_Landscape Context 2km_190405.pdf 1,123.28 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.15_Hub Height ZTV 35km_SW_190401.pdf 7,249.22 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.16_Hub Height ZTV 35km_SE_190410.pdf 3,557.00 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.14_Hub Height ZTV 35km_NW_190401.pdf 5,765.37 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.13_Hub Height ZTV 35km_190401.pdf 6,235.13 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.12_Blade Tip ZTV 15km_190401.pdf 5,032.97 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.2_LV Cumulative sites 35km_190410.pdf 4,816.18 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.5_Landscape Character 35km_190401.pdf 9,495.94 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.9_Blade Tip ZTV 35km_SW_190401.pdf 5,850.79 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.3_LV Cumulative sites 15km_190410.pdf 8,775.27 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.10_Blade Tip ZTV 35km_SE_190410.pdf 2,158.20 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.7_Blade Tip ZTV 35km_190401.pdf 6,742.09 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.8_Blade Tip ZTV 35km_NW_190401.pdf 4,366.93 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.13_Grid Connection Route_190306.pdf 3,762.04 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.12_Outdoor Access Plan_190311.pdf 4,735.01 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.6_Landscape Character 20km_190410.pdf 975.09 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.4_LV Designations 20km_190410.pdf 832.93 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.11_Core Path Network_190311.pdf 4,314.31 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.1_LV Location Plan_190401.pdf 4,596.67 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.6_Route to Site_190304.pdf 2,293.81 KB PDF
DWX_Figure1.5_Land Ownership Plan_190311.pdf 3,950.09 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.10_Construction Compound_190304.pdf 343.17 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.7_Access Tracks_190304.pdf 1,130.73 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.5_Crane Hardstanding_190304.pdf 213.28 KB PDF
DWX_Figure1.1_Site Location Plan_190311.pdf 5,583.18 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.8_Substation and Energy Storage_190304.pdf 466.28 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.9_Met Mast Elevations_190304.pdf 1,137.06 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.2_Cumulative 5km_190311.pdf 4,197.59 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.4_Turbine Foundation_190304.pdf 151.59 KB PDF
DWX_Figure1.4_Hagshaw Cluster Context_190311.pdf 3,356.95 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.3_Turbine Elevation_190304.pdf 757.25 KB PDF
DWX_Figure3.1_Env Designations_190304.pdf 4,932.42 KB PDF
DWX_Figure1.3_Site Layout Plan_190325.pdf 2,019.78 KB PDF
DWX_Figure1.2_Site Layout Aerial_190409.pdf 2,815.32 KB PDF
DWX_ES Vol 2_ContentPage.pdf 102.99 KB PDF
DWX_!ES Vol 2_FrontCover.pdf 424.01 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.5_Infrastructure Felling Plan_190320.pdf 2,105.48 KB PDF
DWX_Figure15.1_Shadow Map_190205.pdf 4,182.06 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.6_Compensatory Planting Plan_190320.pdf 2,109.81 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.3_Wind Farm Felling Plan_190318.pdf 2,546.04 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.4_Wind Farm Replanting Plan_190318.pdf 2,399.66 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.1_Baseline Felling Plan_190318.pdf 2,419.54 KB PDF
DWX_Figure16.2_Baseline Replanting Plan_190306.pdf 2,632.31 KB PDF
DWX_Figures10.5-10.8_Heritage Wirelines_190325.pdf 8,262.89 KB PDF
DWX_Figure12.1_Traffic Count Locations_190225.pdf 4,491.58 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.3_Solid Geology_190209.pdf 2,246.92 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.6_Potential GWDTE_190211.pdf 2,665.85 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.4_Superficial Geology_190209.pdf 2,260.05 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.5_Peat Survey_190211.pdf 2,203.64 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.2_Hydro Watercourses_190325.pdf 3,117.00 KB PDF
DWX_Figure10.3_Heritage Outer Study Area_190325.pdf 2,857.52 KB PDF
DWX_Figure10.4_Heritage Cumulative_190325.pdf 3,002.02 KB PDF
DWX_Figure11.1_Hydro Study Area_190325.pdf 2,991.88 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.7_Ornith RaptorActivity Br2018_190325.pdf 4,487.20 KB PDF
DWX_Figure10.1_Heritage Inner Study Area_190325.pdf 2,861.91 KB PDF
DWX_Figure10.2_Heritage Middle Study Area_190325.pdf 4,532.01 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.3_Ornith Study Area_190325.pdf 4,551.69 KB PDF
DWX_Figure9.1_Noise Monitor-Receptor Locations_190303.pdf 4,577.04 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.4_Ornith VPs and Viewsheds_190325.pdf 5,120.40 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.8_Ornith Black Grouse_190325.PDF 2,627.61 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.6_Ornith WaderActivity Br2018_190325.pdf 2,486.86 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.2_Ornith WFwithin2k_190325.pdf 4,759.10 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.5_Ornith FlightActivity Br2018_190325.pdf 2,514.40 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.11_Eco Bats_Temporal Sep18_190325.pdf 2,700.62 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.10_Eco Bats_Temporal Aug18_190325.pdf 2,731.66 KB PDF
DWX_Figure8.1_Ornith Designated Sites_190325.pdf 3,004.58 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.8_Eco Bats_Temporal Jun18_190325.pdf 2,743.49 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.9_Eco Bats_Temporal Jul18_190325.pdf 2,737.42 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.12_Eco Fish Survey_190325.pdf 2,582.30 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.4_Eco GWDTE_190325LR.pdf 3,513.26 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.7_Eco Bats_Temporal May18_190325.pdf 2,710.48 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.30_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_GtPbBx_190401.pdf 7,399.15 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.5_Eco GCNewts_190325.pdf 2,562.92 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.6_Eco NyctalusSp_190325.pdf 2,721.03 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.28_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_local_190401.pdf 7,131.52 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.31_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_LhHb_190401.pdf 7,761.98 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.3_Eco NVC_190325LR.pdf 4,091.81 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.29_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_NE_190401.pdf 7,558.04 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.2_Eco WFwithin2k_190325.pdf 4,792.43 KB PDF
DWX_Figure7.1_Eco Designated Sites 5km_190325.pdf 4,341.76 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.26_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_RevHCluster_190401.pdf 7,310.54 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.25_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_DwPn_190405.pdf 6,190.68 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.27_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_MmAnKhGmL_190401.pdf 7,497.37 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.21_LV Topography_190401.pdf 5,817.50 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.24_Blade Tip CZTV 35km_HCluster_190401.pdf 7,604.61 KB PDF
DWX_Figure6.19_Landscape Character 20km ZTV_190401.pdf 7,690.61 KB PDF

Douglas West Extension - EIAR Volume 3 | Appendices

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DWX_App11.3_Flood Risk Assessment_190320.pdf 8,248.94 KB PDF
DWX_App11.4_Coal Mining RA_190320.pdf 7,439.32 KB PDF
DWX_App15.2_Shadow Graphs_190204.pdf 237.64 KB PDF
DWX_App12.1_Swept Path Analysis_190225.pdf 1,036.30 KB PDF
DWX_App15.1_Shadow Met Data_190204.pdf 118.75 KB PDF
DWX_App13.1_Responsible Contracting Policy_190410.pdf 99.34 KB PDF
DWX_App11.1_Peat Slide HRA_190317LR.pdf 3,026.86 KB PDF
DWX_App11.2_Hydro WX Schedule_190325.pdf 1,231.80 KB PDF
DWX_App10.2_Heritage Middle Gazetteer_190325.pdf 104.74 KB PDF
DWX_App10.3_Heritage Outer Gazetteer_190325.pdf 153.80 KB PDF
DWX_App9.6_Cumulative Assessment_190325.pdf 115.84 KB PDF
DWX_App9.7_Alternative Turbine_190410.pdf 97.25 KB PDF
DWX_App10.1_Heritage Inner Gazetteer_190325.pdf 99.41 KB PDF
DWX_App9.4_Noise Wind Direction_190325.pdf 186.80 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Figure 2_190401.pdf 4,518.72 KB PDF
DWX_App9.5_Predicted Noise Levels_190325.pdf 1,061.28 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Figure 4_190410.pdf 4,441.57 KB PDF
DWX_App9.3_Noise Scatter Plots_190325.pdf 593.41 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Figure 3_190410.pdf 3,676.36 KB PDF
DWX_App9.2_Background Noise History_190325.pdf 413.47 KB PDF
DWX_App4.1_DWX Scoping Report_190318LR.pdf 10,904.32 KB PDF
DWX_App8.1_Ornith Technical Appendix_190320.pdf 951.52 KB PDF
DWX_Appendix7.2_Bat Report_190325.pdf 1,419.29 KB PDF
DWX_App9.1_Noise Monitor Photos_190325.pdf 545.87 KB PDF
DWX_Appendix7.1_NVC Report_190325.pdf 2,917.13 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Evening Visuals_190408.pdf 1,678.24 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Figure 1_190410.pdf 2,379.85 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting_Annex 2 PhotoRecord_181204LR.pdf 2,243.76 KB PDF
DWX_App6.4_LVIA RVAS_Figures A6.4.1 to A6.4.12_190410.pdf 10,937.56 KB PDF
DWX_App6.4_LVIA RVAS_AnnexB PhotoRecord_190408LR.pdf 4,006.50 KB PDF
DWX_App2.1_ComparativeWireframes_190325.pdf 7,620.48 KB PDF
DWX_App6.5_LVIA Lighting Assessment_190410.pdf 308.13 KB PDF
DWX_App4.3_Further Consulation_190409LR.pdf 5,616.87 KB PDF
DWX_App4.4_ECU Gatecheck Report_190318.pdf 3,405.10 KB PDF
DWX_App6.4_LVIA RVAS_!190410.pdf 376.92 KB PDF
DWX_App6.4_LVIA RVAS_AnneA Wireframes_190408.pdf 302.80 KB PDF
DWX_App4.2_ECU Scoping Opinion_190318.pdf 2,972.95 KB PDF
DWX_App6.3_LVIA Viewpoint Assess_190401.pdf 253.99 KB PDF
DWX_App6.2_LVIA Visualisations Info_190401.pdf 148.83 KB PDF
DWX_App6.1_LVIA Assessment Criteria_190401.pdf 126.76 KB PDF
DWX_App1.1_3RForwardStrategy_191118.pdf 3,798.17 KB PDF
DWX_ES Vol 3_!FrontCover.pdf 235.37 KB PDF
DWX_ES Vol 3_ContentPage.pdf 75.04 KB PDF

Douglas West Extension - EIAR Volume 4 | Visualisations

Douglas West Extension - Planning statement

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DWX_Planning Statement_190409.pdf 921.83 KB PDF

Douglas West Extension - PAC report

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DWX_PAC Report_190325.pdf 5,827.54 KB PDF

Supplementary Environmental Information

In July 2020, Douglas West Extension Ltd submitted Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI) to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU) in support of the above application. The SEI submission relates to a minor change to the aviation lighting proposals and includes an updated Nighttime Lighting Assessment following comments received from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A copy of the SEI submission and associated newspaper advert can be found below. If you have any questions on the proposal or would like any further information, please contact the project team on: info@3renergy.co.uk