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Hagshaw Hill Repowering

Hagshaw leads the way in Scottish wind power once more


Hagshaw Hill Wind Farm is located on land owned by our sister company, William Mitchell and Sons Ltd, 3.2 km west of the village of Douglas in rural South Lanarkshire. Hagshaw Hill is Scotland’s oldest commercial wind farm which was constructed in 1995. The wind turbines on the site are now 25 years old and nearing the end of their operational life. The existing wind farm comprises 26 x 600 kW wind turbines which are 55 m in height, with a total generation capacity of 15.6 MW. The site is currently operated by ScottishPower Renewables under lease from William Mitchell and Sons Ltd.

In December 2018, 3R Energy (via group company Hagshaw Hill Repowering Ltd) submitted an application to the Scottish Ministers seeking consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to replace the 26 existing turbines on Hagshaw Hill with 14 new, larger and more efficient turbines. This is a process known as “repowering” where older first-generation turbines are replaced with modern units that are quieter, more reliable and capable of producing more electricity, more efficiently. The repowered Hagshaw has the potential to deliver approximately 6 times the amount of renewable electricity and 14 times the community benefit of the existing wind farm, from just over half the number of turbines.

Notice of Decision

As directed by regulation 23(4) of the Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017, notice is hereby given that Hagshaw Hill Repowering Ltd (“the Company”) was granted consent by Scottish Ministers on 26 February 2020 to construct and operate a 14 turbine wind farm known as Hagshaw Hill Repowering wind farm, with a ground to blade tip height of up to 200 metres, and energy storage facility, in lands at Hagshaw Hill, near Douglas, in the relevant Planning Authority area of South Lanarkshire Council.

Scottish Ministers have also directed, under Section 57 (2) of the Town & Country Planning Act (Scotland) 1997, that planning permission is deemed to be granted. 

Copies of the decision statement and related documentation can be obtained on the Energy Consents website: www.energyconsents.scot

Copies of the decision statement and related documentation have been made available to South Lanarkshire Council to be made available for public inspection by being placed on the planning register.

Next Steps

As Scotland’s oldest wind farm, Hagshaw Hill offers one of the country’s first opportunities to replace aging, first generation wind turbine technology with modern and more efficient machines which will maximise the strong wind resource available at the site. This will ensure that Scotland’s oldest wind farm continues to make a meaningful contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy and decarbonisation targets for many years to come.

Hagshaw Hill Repowering Ltd now look forward to working with a range of stakeholders to deliver the repowering project.

If you have any questions about the project or would like any further information, please contact the project team on info@3renergy.co.uk

EIAR Non-Technical Summary

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HHR_NonTechSummary_181211.pdf 5,313.67 KB PDF
Newspaper Advert Hagshaw Hill Repowering.pdf 178.05 KB PDF

EIAR Vol1 Chapters

EIAR Vol2 Figures

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HHR_Figure_1.2a_Site Layout Plan West_181107.pdf 2,013.70 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_1.3_Cumulative Hagshaw Cluster_181114.pdf 5,058.16 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_1.1b_Aerial Site Layout_181106.pdf 5,076.53 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_1.2b_Site Layout Plan Central_181119.pdf 2,017.24 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_1.2c_Site Layout Plan East_181107.pdf 1,794.99 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_1.1a_Site Location Plan_111018.pdf 909.87 KB PDF
HHR_!Cover_EIAR_Vol 2_Figures.pdf 3,168.85 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_2.1_Laydown Area Habitats_181121.pdf 961.38 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_2.2_Earlier_Iteration_181113.pdf 1,544.79 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.11_Access Route_181107.pdf 2,335.89 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.5_Crane Hardstanding_181114.pdf 223.39 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.12_Grid Route_181211.pdf 5,429.90 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.1_Env Designations and Constraints_181114.pdf 6,711.34 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.2_Cumulative within 5km_181107.pdf 5,082.03 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.10_Mound Reshaping_181126.pdf 1,948.61 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.9_Construction Compound_181114.pdf 382.93 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.6_Access Track_181107.pdf 1,315.73 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.8_Met Mast Elevations_181107.pdf 1,324.25 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.3_Turbine Elevations_181107.pdf 800.33 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.7_Substation Storage Elevations_181114.pdf 476.45 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_3.4_Turbine Foundations_181107.pdf 161.19 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.27_Cumulative ZTV with Penbreck to muir.pdf 4,518.38 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.29_Cumulative ZTV with Lethans and Glenmuckloch.pdf 4,491.67 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.31_Cumulative ZTV with Glentaggert and Broken Cross.pdf 4,367.31 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.30_Cumulative ZTV with Lowther Hills.pdf 4,576.30 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.26_Cumulative ZTV with bankend rig and south priorhill fa.pdf 4,530.57 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.28_Cumulative ZTV with Low Whiteside Farm.pdf 4,382.63 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.25_Cumulative ZTV with the local landscape wind farms.pdf 4,436.24 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.19_Landscape Character 20km with ZTV.pdf 7,838.10 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.24_Cumulative ZTV with the existing Hagshaw Hill.pdf 4,301.57 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.18_Hub Height ZTV to 15km.pdf 6,281.24 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.21_Topography.pdf 5,884.36 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.23_Proposed Viewpoints on ZTV.pdf 5,752.39 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.22_Principal Visual Receptors.pdf 3,510.18 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.14_Hub Height ZTV to 35km (NW Quadrant).pdf 6,017.84 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.17_Hub Height ZTV to 35km (NE Quadrant).pdf 1,861.44 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.20_Landscape Context 2km.pdf 2,358.64 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.15_Hub Height ZTV to 35km (SW Quadrant).pdf 8,784.83 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.13_Hub Height ZTV to 35km.pdf 4,417.35 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.12_Blade Tip ZTV to 15km.pdf 9,485.37 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.16_Hub Height ZTV to 35km (SE Quadrant).pdf 1,790.64 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.11_Blade Tip ZTV to 35km (NE Quadrant).pdf 1,938.15 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.9_Blade Tip ZTV to 35km (SW Quadrant).pdf 8,862.70 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.6_Landscape Character 20km.pdf 5,899.83 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.10_Blade Tip ZTV to 35km (SE Quadrant).pdf 1,867.47 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.8_Blade Tip ZTV to 35km (NW Quadrant).pdf 6,095.28 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.7_Blade Tip ZTV to 35km.pdf 4,494.19 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.3_Cumulative sites to 15km.pdf 4,925.36 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.2_ Cumulative sites to 35km.pdf 4,662.02 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.4_Designations.pdf 5,763.32 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.1_Site Location Plan.pdf 4,610.93 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.4_GCN_151118.pdf 2,557.23 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.7_TN_BatRoost_151118.pdf 2,400.88 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.8_Bat_Temporal_151118.pdf 2,384.17 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.5_Bat_Survey_151118.pdf 2,449.28 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.6_NyctalusSp_151118.pdf 2,457.64 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3e_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,348.52 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3f_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,343.20 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3d_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,611.08 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3g_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,354.87 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2g_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 3,713.08 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3b_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,459.05 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2d_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 5,436.94 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3c_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,770.83 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2c_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 4,491.70 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2a_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 5,420.98 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2b_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 5,515.07 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.3a_GWDTE_HR_HNS.pdf 2,683.21 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2f_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 2,956.27 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.2e_NVC_HR_HNS.pdf 2,589.78 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_7.1_Designated_Sites_151118.pdf 1,158.21 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.3_SB_SA_2018_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 4,347.58 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.7_RaptorActivity_2018_181126.pdf 4,328.12 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.8_CumulativeWF_HR_HNS_291118.pdf 2,659.78 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.5_VP_FA_2018_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 2,515.33 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.6_WaderActivity_2018_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 3,515.32 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.2_WF_2k_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 4,682.60 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.4_VpVs_2018_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 3,620.20 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_8.1_OrnDS_20k_HR_HNS_181018.pdf 2,228.91 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_9.1_Noise_Sensitive_Receptors_151118.pdf 1,832.20 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_9.2_Noise_Cumulative_181205.pdf 4,494.41 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_10.2_CH Middle Study Area_181114.pdf 6,427.59 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_10.3_CH Outer Study Area_181114.pdf 6,617.23 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_10.4 to 10.10_Heritage Wireframes_181203.pdf 1,560.32 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_10.1_CH Inner Study Area_181114.pdf 2,782.56 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_15.1_Shadow Flicker Study Area_181024.pdf 4,142.47 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_13.1_Core_Paths_151118.pdf 4,502.81 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_12.1_Transport_Study_Area_and_ATCs_151118.pdf 2,687.84 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.5_Peat_Survey_071218.pdf 3,125.07 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.1_Hydro_Study_Area_211107.pdf 4,950.02 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.6_GWDTE_Summary_121118.pdf 2,135.58 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.4_Superficial_Geology_121118.pdf 2,105.02 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.2b_WatercoursesEast_211107.pdf 3,255.33 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.3_Bedrock_Geology_121118.pdf 2,182.95 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_11.2a_WatercoursesWest_211107.pdf 3,218.24 KB PDF
HHR_Figure_6.5_Landscape Character 35km.pdf 8,733.69 KB PDF

EIAR Vol3 Appendices

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HHR_App_4.1a_Consultations_181205.pdf 7,828.64 KB PDF
HHR_App_4.1b_Consultations_181205.pdf 6,117.58 KB PDF
HHR_App_4.1c_Consultations_181205.pdf 6,054.38 KB PDF
HHR_App_2.1_ComparativeWirelines_191118.pdf 5,102.37 KB PDF
HHR_App_1.1_3R_ForwardStrategy_191118.pdf 3,798.17 KB PDF
HHR_!Cover_EIAR_Vol 3_Appendices.pdf 328.49 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.5_Figure1_ZTV_LitTurbines_PVR.pdf 4,603.84 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.5_Annex2_Part2_EmleyMoorMastPhotographicRecord.pdf 7,442.19 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.5_Annex3_Figures1to3_EveningVisualisations.pdf 1,138.77 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.11_RVAS_17HillviewCres_18Tablestane.pdf 1,266.87 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.12_RVAS_19HazelsideFm_20Hzlside_21HzlsideLdg.pdf 740.01 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.5_Annex2_Part1_MiddletonPhotographicRecord.pdf 2,299.71 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.10_RVAS_16AyrRoad.pdf 1,122.14 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.13_RVAS_22StationHouse_23BlackwoodCottage.pdf 946.09 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.5_!VisibleTurbineLightingAssessment_181210.pdf 310.24 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.6_RVAS_10ViaductCottage.pdf 968.89 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.8_RVAS_12LonghouseCottage.pdf 723.84 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.7_RVAS_11BungalowCottage.pdf 835.06 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.9_RVAS_13_14Braeface_15DriverholmTerr.pdf 711.07 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.3_RVAS_2DebogFarm_ 3Shielpark.pdf 1,471.23 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.4_RVAS_4Monksfoot_5Shieling_6Inches.pdf 1,370.03 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.2_RVAS_AngleofView.pdf 389.22 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_AnnexB_ PhotographicRecord_181210.pdf 3,057.35 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.5_RVAS_8CarmacoupFm_9Carmacoup.pdf 990.39 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_FigA6.4.1_RVAS_Properties .pdf 2,109.60 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_AnnexA_RVAS Wireframes_181210.pdf 1,414.94 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.4_!RVAS_181210.pdf 229.88 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.3_LVIA_VPAssessment_181210.pdf 250.99 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.2_LVIA_VisualsInfo_181210.pdf 151.81 KB PDF
HHR_App_6.1_LVIA_AssessmentCriteria_181210.pdf 125.15 KB PDF
HHR_App_9.2_Noise_ImmissionLevels_6.0 Turbine_181205.pdf 108.82 KB PDF
HHR_App_9.1_Noise_ImmissionLevels_181205.pdf 998.55 KB PDF
HHR_App_8.1_OrnithTechAppendix_181210.pdf 1,483.19 KB PDF
HHR_App_7.1_NVC_181210.pdf 7,270.22 KB PDF
HHR_App_7.2_BatReport_181210.pdf 967.71 KB PDF
HHR_App_13.1_RespContractPolicy_181205.pdf 99.54 KB PDF
HHR_App_12.1_SweptPaths_261118.pdf 739.51 KB PDF
HHR_App_11.1_PSHRAandOPMP_181211.pdf 5,992.25 KB PDF
HHR_App_11.4_MiningRiskAssessment_181113.pdf 4,821.07 KB PDF
HHR_App_11.2_WaterCrossingSchedule_181210.pdf 3,678.53 KB PDF
HHR_App_11.3_FloodRiskAssessment_181207.pdf 3,946.50 KB PDF
HHR_App_10.2_ArchaeologicalGazetteer_181210.pdf 336.56 KB PDF
HHR_App_10.3_ArchaeologicalSetting_181210.pdf 185.06 KB PDF
HHR_App_10.1_ArchaeologicalDBA_181210.pdf 411.15 KB PDF

EIAR Vol4 Visualisations

Planning Statement

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HHR_Planning Statement_181211.pdf 1,087.27 KB PDF

PAC Report

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HHR_ PAC Report_181210.pdf 3,350.08 KB PDF

Notice of Decision

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Hagshaw Repower Notice of Decision.pdf 74.83 KB PDF