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Wind - Commercial Scale

The team at 3R Energy have substantial experience in developing both farm-scale and commercial-scale renewable energy projects. At 3R Energy, we believe passionately in the need for renewable energy and are committed to delivering successful and sustainable projects which bring tangible benefits to local communities.

3R Energy develops renewable energy solutions to meet society’s increasing demand for electricity and heat. We are committed to generating power from renewable technologies such as onshore wind and biomass to help tackle climate change which is a global issue that we all face. Consultation with local communities is an important part of developing our commercial scale projects and we seek to deliver projects that realise social, economic and environmental benefits for surrounding communities.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

All of our commercial scale projects undergo a detailed and comprehensive feasibility study first of all to identify all potential constants before taking them to the next stage. The project would then enter a full ­­Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. EIA is an iterative process which is used to assess the potential impacts of a proposed wind farm and to identify changes required to the design of the scheme or the introduction of additional safeguards to mitigate any adverse impacts identified.

Community Consultation

We carry out consultation with communities closest to our sites at every stage of a project’s development, including holding public exhibitions to inform local communities of our emerging projects and to obtain valuable feedback from local people which can help shape the final design of our developments. 3R Energy also work hard to understand the specific needs of communities closest to our sites to tailor community benefit packages to local needs.

‘Keep it Local’

3R Energy is committed to using suppliers as close to our projects as possible and to delivering a high percentage of construction values to local companies. Our developments have the potential to generate local business opportunities for companies closest to our sites through the provision of goods and services required to deliver and maintain our projects. Such opportunities include:

  • Electrical, plumbing and building contractor support.
  • Fencing and landscaping.
  • Security, operation and maintenance staff.
  • Handling cranes.
  • Haulage.
  • Concrete for foundations.
  • Stone for roads.
  • Plant hire.

As Scotland continues its journey to decarbonise our energy supply, we at 3R Energy are committed to playing our small part in achieving the renewable energy targets set by the Scottish Government through delivering clean electricity and heat for our customers from renewable sources.

Wind Energy

A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power. A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce clean energy that is transported to the National Grid and used to power our homes, schools, offices, hospitals etc.

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