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Wind - Farm Scale

The use of wind-generated power is nothing new. For hundreds of years, farmers have harnessed the wind’s energy to help them run their businesses.

The current challenging economic and environmental climates places ever-increasing demands on farmers and rural business owners to operate their businesses in a sustainable way and deliver competitively priced produce to the marketplace. So it’s vital that energy costs are minimised in an environmentally friendly way.

An appropriately sized wind turbine on, critically, the right site maximises use of this free, natural resource and once installed provides a long-term source of renewable energy. 3R Energy helps clients install the right turbine in the right place.

Feed in Tariffs

In April 2010 the Government introduced a system of feed-in tariffs to incentivise small scale, low carbon electricity generation. Home and business owners can receive support for electricity they produce from eligible renewable and low-carbon sources. The scheme provides a fixed payment for the electricity you generate and it also pays for any unused electricity that you export to the grid. A further benefit is that you won’t have to pay for electricity that you generate and use yourself.

3R Energy Wind Services

3R Energy offers a range of services in small to medium scale wind turbine technology. These include:

  • Initial Feasibility Study to estimate wind resource and environmental constraint
  • Detailed Site Assessments providing costs and feasibility
  • Planning Service including the preparation and submission of planning applications
  • Grid Connection Application
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Full Installation and Maintenance service
  • Project Management Service

The Products

3R Energy has chosen to partner Northern Power Systems as we have identified the NPS 100kW and 60kW machines to be the market leader in mid-size wind turbines.

With reinforced blades, a gearless design and a track record of ZERO incidents across the fleet – the NPS 100 machine is the most reliable mid-sized turbine available today. Their quiet, low profile and sleek design also fits perfectly in remote as well as industrial and agricultural areas. 3R Energy owns a number of Northern Power turbines, further proving our faith in the product. 3R Energy is a recognised Service Provider to Northern Power and we have staff trained to the highest level recognised within Northern Power Systems to undertake a full range of servicing of Northern Power turbines. We also carry a substancial stock of spare parts at our central Scotland office location which enables us to attend to any servicing issues across the UK quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Renewable Wind Energy

  • Save on energy costs
  • Generate guaranteed 20 year revenues from the Feed-In Tariff scheme
  • Generate revenue from the exportation of electricity to the grid
  • Promote your business as a clean energy business

July 1887

The world's first-known structure by which electricity was generated from wind power was designed and built in Scotland by Professor James Blyth, a Scottish engineer based at Anderson's College in Glaosgw (now University of Strathclyde).


NPS 60 brochure

NPS 100 brochure