About Us

A small company with a big impact. 3R Energy is experienced in developing renewable generating assets that make positive contributions to climate change imperatives and to the local areas in which they are situated.


Our focus is on developing sensitively-designed, hybrid, renewable energy projects. We each have a responsibility to do what we can to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies which are affecting this and future generations. 3R Energy are working as part of the just transition towards a fairer, greener Scotland.

Just Transition
Crew standing beside wind turbine

Recent Highlights

First onshore project in Scotland to consent all wind turbines at 200m tall

Consent for Douglas West – one of the first sites in Scotland to be built without subsidy

Collaborative working with various stakeholders to maximise benefits from the Hagshaw Energy Cluster

Office Team

William Mitchell

Managing Director

An entrepreneur and strategist who enjoys a new challenge and a big project, William has led the transition of 3R Energy to focus on subsidy-free, sensitively designed energy projects that positively impact our journey towards net zero. William likes to watch rugby loudly and has the best time being Dad to his children and Ben the dog.

Theo Philip

Planning Director

A Chartered Town Planner with a strong track record of consenting complex, large-scale development projects in sensitive locations, Theo has built over 17 years of development experience within both the energy and the public sector. He joined 3R Energy in 2014 and is focusing on delivering hybrid renewable projects. Highly competitive on the tennis court, and found coaching kids football at the weekend.

Charlotte Tait

Financial Controller

With a strong background in financial management, Charlotte is highly organised, keeping the finances in order and managing the office. Juggling kids, career and the family business as well requires her to destress at a boxing class.

Vivienne Baillie

Accounts Assistant

With a wide experience in accounting, Vivienne supports the smooth running of the company accounts. She has a big family and is also involved in her family business, escaping on her horse for fun.

John Mitchell


Focusing on running the farming enterprises, John also weighs in on strategy for renewable developments. Often busy chasing children, he loves a chance to watch sport or catch up with friends and family.

Laura Mitchell

Development Director

With a background in sustainable food and farming, Laura is interested in sustainable development opportunities and is looking for ways to increase our positive impact. Loves adventures with the kids, growing vegetables, and walking.

Strategic Advisors

Lord Jamie Lindsay

Jamie is a former Scottish Office Minister and Chair of Scotland’s Moorland Forum whose career has included a number of senior roles in the Public, Private and NGO sectors. He is currently Chairman of UKAS and Berry UK Pension Trustees Ltd, Vice-President of the RSPB and President of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Chartered Quality Institute, as well as being a trustee of The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Andy Thornhill

Andy has over 15 years of corporate finance experience and specialises in renewable energy M&A and advisory. Prior to joining PKF Francis Clark Andy was a senior member of JLL’s Energy and Infrastructure Advisory team where he worked across the commercially viable renewable energy technologies with a focus on onshore wind.

David Bell

David Bell is a Chartered Town Planner with over 30 years of experience in development projects in the UK and overseas. David was Head of Planning with Jones Lang LaSalle for 18 years before establishing David Bell Planning in early 2019. The company operates throughout the UK and is a recognised expert consultancy in energy planning.

Anna Hudson

Anna is an experienced Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) project manager with extensive involvement in the onshore renewable energy sector over the past ten years, having worked on a number of large wind energy applications throughout Scotland. Anna comes from a wider team of technical advisors, environmental consultants and sustainability experts at ITPEnergised, facilitating the transition to net-zero.

Lindsay McGrow

Lindsay’s background is in power systems engineering, including post-graduate research in Power Electronics and Generation systems. He has worked in the power industry since 1999 and has been a self-employed advisor since 2007. He has worked on the grid connection and design of several gigawatts of generation consisting of all forms of renewable technology. Lindsay has a broad knowledge of grid-related markets, charging and ancillary services; which has seen him work on due diligence for banks and investors on numerous projects in the UK and Ireland.

David MacArthur

David is Director and co-owner of the carbon negative environmental consultancy MacArthur Green. He has been involved in the ecological assessment of wind energy projects for over 20 years. His specialism includes the assessment of impacts on birds, protected species, habitats, and the development of effective mitigation and habitat management plans for these receptors.


3R Energy is a family owned and run SME with a track record of strong partnership working. As developers but also landowners, we see both sides of the coin. We understand the responsibility that comes from the landholder’s perspective, embedded in the local community. Our team is invested in ensuring that developments are optimised, with community needs front of mind.

Once turbines are turning, £1.6m will be delivered to local communities from our development projects every year– which is £48 million over 30 years.

Over £1,000 per day will be contributed to community projects every day for the 30-year lifespan of the consented Hagshaw Hill Wind Farm Repowering once operational.


3R Energy has been working in partnership with other local landowners and South Lanarkshire Council to grow the local economy by offering development opportunities at Conexus. The vision is to attract green-minded businesses to bring more skilled local jobs and make use of the green energy flowing past the site.

3R Energy designed, built and operates the anchor tenant, a biomass Combined Heat and Power plant which provides a constant 1MW of power, and 2MW of heat from renewable woodchip. This operation supports 6 jobs locally and more in the supply chain, particularly transport.

Over 1,800 job years will be created in Scotland through the construction and development phase of our current projects.


Currently, our large wind projects total 339 MW either consented or in the planning process, with an additional 80MW of battery storage.

Wind turbines and energy infrastructure can have an impact on wildlife and habitats. We are committed to sensitively designing our projects, and mitigating impacts where this may be required. We want to see a net gain for biodiversity, including by ensuring human-induced climate change is addressed.

Over 240,000 average households will be supplied with green electricity from projects we have developed to date.

Next Steps

We are actively looking for new opportunities to work with landowners and businesses that fit with our ethos, where we can use our experience to add value to potential or existing renewable energy or natural capital projects.